Welcome to Spring 2012 at Kutztown University!

This semester I am facilitating two sections of ENG 010, Introduction to Literature, and am launching for the first time in Kutztown’s history two exciting new courses: ENG 137, African American Literature: Experiences, and ENG 341, Introduction to Afro-Caribbean Literature. ENG 137 satisfies not only the American Literature requirement, but also the diversity requirement. ENG 341 satisfies the diversity requirement and fulfills one upper level English course requirement for English majors.

The foundation for these courses is not simply requiring students to read literature and write papers. That is superficial and would certainly be boring! Rather, each course is founded in demonstrating the connections between authors, the literature they produce, and the history that inspires such production, while the ebb and flow of each course depends on student engagement, both in class and online, rather than long lectures.

Technology is heavily used in these courses, specifically, that of Desire2Learn (D2L), for not only distribution of course information and supplemental full-text readings, but also as a place for students to complete written assignments and exams, as well as engage each others’ thoughts and opinions regarding what is read.  Thus, it is best that students become familiar with D2L by accessing the online tutorial provided by KU.

Come prepared to have lively conversations about literature, history, and how they affect not only each other, but us, what we think, and how we think about almost everything!

Again, welcome and have a fun and academically progressive semester here at Kutztown University!

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A Message to Students from Dr. Blaque

Welcome to my new WordPress page, hosted by Kutztown University’s Department of English.  If you are taking one of my classes, you will soon learn that technology is one of my favorite educational tools.  I use WordPress, BlaqueAdemics.org, and Desire2Learn as tools to not only disseminate information, but also to communicate with students in on-campus and online courses I facilitate.  It is always a good idea for students to become familiar with the different tech-environments, as well as software programs that I uses and to learn how they work together.  Navigating my courses is not difficult, however, as I provide easy-to-use instructions for those students not yet comfortable with the new and growing technological world associated with higher education; and working with students in my office one-on-one is always an option.  Therefore, welcome, and I look forward to working with you!

Ellesia Blaque, Ph.D.

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